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Full Version: Substitute movie icon for library
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I added a new movie to my Kodi library and the movie scraper did not find appropriate movie art (used as the movie's icon).
I have a movie poster (jpg) I can use, but can't seem to get the art to become the movie icon when I select.

To be clear, the movie icon that is shown is the default "film" strip when no art is available.

I searched the forum for how to do this, but all I found were how to download fanart (which I have). Now I want to assign the art to the movie so it shows as its icon.

I think you need to supply some more info such as which version of Kodi and which skin.

I use Kodi 15 and ArcticZephyr as my skin and I simply select the movie in my library, open the context menu ("c" or right click) and there I can set the different art (poster, cover etc.). So it might very well depend on the skin and/or the view you are using.
Kodi 16.1 (Jarvis) and the default skin (confluence).
thanks Hansl ... I was loading the artwork into the wrong location. Using "c", I was able to see all of the options (i.e. fan, thumb, poster, etc.).
Loading into Thumb worked (as expected, but not discovered).

All good now.