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Full Version: [split] Kodi Music "Best Practice" Guide - have put year in Album tag
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Hi all,

So what should be the best practise, for the follow scenario:
My girfriend is a big user of iTunes and for many year's she obtains music and stores them in 1 direcory.. so there are 9000+ files in for eg \\nas\music
The music is tagged with Artist / year / and as Album she enters for e.g. 2017 - 01
She creates smart playlists in iTunes and there she goes... she has all 'compilation' albums for every month with her sorted out music....

I let kodi read the folder, import it into the music library and... I thought to get a nice looking Album overview with
2016 - 01
2016 - 02

But unfortunately that's not the case... When I go to albums, I have 8000+ entries, because the album is mentioned 30 times, with on the right side, the diffrent artist Sad

Should I only let her re-tag all songs with the Album artist set to 'Various Artists' or do you think that doesn't do the job?

Hope you can make me, and my gf happy Smile

many thanks,
You are asking a specific question, so split into it own thread rather than stuffed at the end of a user guide thread.

You ask for "best practice" well IMO not a good abuse of the album tag really. What she wants is singles grouped by month, right? I will admit that Kodi does not provide an easy way to do that.

I wonder what the album artist tag is set to now? I would guess something otherwise if it was blank Kodi would see songs with the same album title, but varied (song) artists and default the album artist to "Various Artists". Try tagging some with albumartist = "Various Artists" and see if you get the effect that you want.

I never cease to be amazed by the different things people do with their music collection.