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Full Version: Separate the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese for TMDB scraper.
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There is only one language option (zh) for Chinese users to select, however, the Simplified Chinese (zh-CN) and Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) are totally different, but the TMDB scraper always downloads the metadata in Simplified Chinese (zh-CN).

Please separate these two language, not just a "zh" option for them both.
I hope too "zh" can be switch "zh-TW" & "zh-CN".

Then TMDB scraper will be a perfect scraper.Big Grin
Please please please~
Add "zh-TW" option under language option for future update!

There are some 3rd party add-on mod floating around, but would mean a lot to have it from the official Team Kodi Repository!
Done in v4.0.3
Thank you so much Team-Kodi~
Lovin' the v5.0.2 update!