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Full Version: Hide Various Artists under Artists
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I just did the upgrade to Kodi 17 and so far I really do like it!

Just one option missing from Kodi 16. It used to have an option to hide artists that appear only on compilations from the Artist view. It helped my tremendously to unclutter my artists view. On Kodi 17 I haven't found such an option. Am I mistaken or has it vanished? Will it return?

Best Thanks!
It was renamed and it's found under Media>Music>Library "show title and album artists" (don't the exact english translation)
Oh, yes, thanks!
One additional questions: Yatse does not respect this settings (in contrast to Yatse with Kodi 16). I think Yatse only shows the data it gets from Kodi. Is this settings different from Kodi 16 with respect to what it sends to the client? Kore on the other hand, seems to respect this setting.
Did you do an update to database in yatse (long press on 'music' in side menu?
Yes, the additional artists have appeared after I did the DB update in Yatse (after I upgraded to Kodi 17).