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Full Version: Tag & Scrape
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I've searched the forums and I really wasn't clear on this. I've got my music tagged with the basic info. Imported into Kodi and everything looks good. Artist photos, info, etc. not displayed since I didn't use the scraper for my music. Can I use the tags and scrape? I'd like the basic info and album art I've tagged but would also like the artist info that you get from scraping. From what I've read it appears that tagged info takes precedence and is supplemented with scrapped info. Am I correct in this assumption or totally wrong?
Yes you can I use the tags in your music files and then scrape additional info from online sources, this is the best way to use Kodi.

Yes, unless "Prefer Online Information" is enabled, tagged data takes precedence and is supplemented with additonal scraped info. Much of the scraped data is only from scraping e.g. artist biogs and dates, but their is some overlap with that in tags e.g. the artists of an album, or album label that you could choose to have overwriten. Note the music files themselves are never changed, just the db conents.

One day we an look forward to scraping automatically by default, but if the tagging is poor, then scraping can make an even worse mess. So for now it is best the user sees the library that arises from their tags before they have Kodi fetch additional artist and album info.

To scrape additional info use the "Query info for all" from context menu of both artists and albums nodes. But scraping may not give instant results and may need repeating to fill in the gaps. The servers that provide the artist and album art and extra info do get lots of traffic, especially after a Kodi release, and so requests from Kodi can timeout instead of returning data. The Audio DB was out of action completely at the end of Jan though over subscription. These are great free resources, so be patient with them.
Dave...thanks so much for your detailed reply.