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Full Version: Music stuttering when backing to visualization screen
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While playing music and navigating my music library to add songs to the current playlist I get a stutter when returning to the visualization screen. Nearly each time I back to the visualization screen my currently playing track will stutter and skip back several seconds. This happens while using the back button command on my remote and happens each time at the point where I'm backing from my library right at the point where the visualization starts. Also another issue that has been recurring, although not nearly as often as with rc3, is that at the point at the end of a track when the track info pops up the music will stutter again at that point. I've noticed what might be occurring is that for a split second the last tracks info will display briefly just before the new tracks info appears. At that point the track will sometimes stutter, this happened often with rc3 but with rc4 it occurs far less. The events I've described both occurred today and happened while I was listening to music only and I had audio playing exclusively around 9:10 - 9:30am. The skipping after using back on my remote happened several times and the stuttering between songs while the track info displayed occurred only once but then KODI crashed, again at the point of backing to the visualization screen at which point I zipped the attached logs.

KODI v17rc4
win10 x64

So only get stutter associated with back to visualiszation, navigation of library to choose something is OK? Which viz addon are you using?

This could be related to a Python change that has caused a regression in the way in which lists from addons are displayed (making them slow). Would it be possible for you to test a patch build if I created one for you?

This is a guess really on my part, one of the player team may know better from the logs. But thanks for reporting clearly.
It's milkdrop 2.0. I'll change it and see what happens. Navigating in the library or back to the home menu is not causing any stuttering. I'll check out the patch give me a link and I'll test it for you.
I don't have any other vis options so I just turned it off. After a few minutes doing the same as before there was no issues. I then turned it back on and the same issues returned. I did notice that time that navigating with the direction pad gave the same problem in any library.
Running 17.0, I thought I had the same issue, but mine is apparently the opposite. If I start fullscreen visualizations, and then back out to the menu, the music stutters horribly, but will resume normal playback as soon as I move back to the FS visualization. It happens over and over like clockwork. Turning off visualizations resolves the issue, but only after restarting Kodi. It didn't do this at first, but began to occur over the last few days and I can't seem to figure out what caused it.
I'm using v17rc4 and it has mostly gone away. I only get some occasional stuttering from some of the direction pads. Which version are you using?
All I see is 17.0. Is there someplace that will show something more specific? Forgive me, I'm new to Kodi.
And I've checked other visualizations...as it switched them out, restarted, and then tested...repeatedly. Issue remains. Even switched from fullscreen to windowed fullscreen...same.
I'm not sure if it says on Kodi anywhere which 'rc' it is actually. I would just go to their website and get the latest version. I believe it is v17.1rc1 at the moment, and see if that fixes the issue.
That was my plan, actually...just wasnt sure if it was something I did. Also wasn't sure if the new version would revert my custom settings like teh 'special' xml in the roaming directory, etc.

I did find this in the log:

13:31:22.636 T:4068 INFO: ADDON: cpluff: 'An unreleased information object was encountered at address 038807D0 with reference count 1 when destroying the associated plug-in context. Not releasing the object.'

Will get the new ver and report back.
issue remains
Turned out to be an issue with my video adapters. I'd been trying to remedy the sleep mode > 1024x768 on VGA thing. Had removed the VGA device. Replacing it fixed the issue entirely.
I have an update to this original post as of KODI V17.3. All of the issues I reported on have all gotten much better but remain. While playing music even if the visualization is not playing a pause will still occur at the point in the song where the track info would appear on screen if full screen music was showing. This still occurs but I did not have this happen while the debug mode was on but what I did capture was the music stuttering that still happens while navigating with my remote, usually always at the point of pressing the back command on my remote while having full screen music playing, this is happening with milk drop 2.0 active. I noticed also it did not happen as much while the debugging mode was on and then it would stop after navigating back to full screen music and resume playing normally. With the debugging mode off the stuttering issue is a permanent situation and can only be stopped by stopping the track. At 4:44,4:45 and 4:46pm it happened and each time it would then stop after backing to full screen music. At those times this message appears on the logs: '16:44:09.267 T:12516 ERROR: PVR::CPVRTimerInfoTag::CPVRTimerInfoTag: no epg tag given for epg based timer type (5)!'
There is nothing happening at that moment with the epg as far as recordings happening or being scheduled, only music was being played at these times.

I would like to report on the latest version which is v17.5 and the issues remain exactly as described before but  with less frequency. Although when it starts it continues until Kodi is stopped.
FYI, I get similar behavior using projectM on LE.  It's been around for several revs.  I've always assumed I was just jamming my RAM and deal with it as it occurs.

If anything, the problem tends to make me skip around as much when playing tunes.  Positive reinforcement... Smile