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Full Version: Slideshow videos not working
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I recently updated to Kodi 17 in OSMC and since then the picture slideshow no longer plays video files. More specifically, I can hear the audio of the video file but the screen is black. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas for resolution?
I have the same problem ...
Hi... sorry for my bad english

I have the same problem... in a slideshow the video stopped and have a standing-picture while the sound goes... if the video (only with audio) ended, then the slideshow continues with the pictures... if the slideshow come to the next video then i have the same problem... and so on
this problem is only in Kodi 17 (17.1 Krypton), not in 16 (Jarvis)
I have tested this on many platforms... Amazon FireTV (Stick and Box), Intel NUC with LibreElec 8.0 and on PC with Windows 10... anywhere the same problem
I have also tested this with many video-formats (mp4, mov, mpg and mkv)... anywhere the same problem

Sorry... i have forgotten this...

I can starting the video with a click without or outside the slideshow... then the video runs normal with picture and sound... the problem is only within the slideshow