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Full Version: Passthrough not working with sync to display off
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Hi Guys,

I'm running KODI 17 on Android 6 media player. I use it to play movies (mkv) streamed from TVersity server. I have sync to display set to off and Audio passthrough on. Kodi shows that audio is DTS 5.1 but I get no sound at all. (all over HDMI). If I sync to display and have passthrough off I get sound so I know that audio can pass over my HDMI. This works fine from a windows box.

Please ask your manufacturer to provide firmware updates to support IEC61937 pass-through.
Pass-through also can't work with live tv.
If you have one of the cheap S905X/S912 Amlogic media players forget about pass-through and install LibreELEC instead.
You get what you pay for.

And if v16 worked - just use v16.
Just to make it a bit easier on Mr davesiddons aka the Newbie:

Pls read this Post and follow the links for explanations:
306038 (thread)
v16 worked but the picture would freeze every10 secs or so for about a second.

I appreciate these cheap medai players are not the best however, I have 2 others on android 4.4.2 and no problems with either the picture freeze issue only started at android 5 so I ditched that box and stayed on 4.4.2 then got one on 6 last year. The kodi 17 betas all continued to experience the picture freeze issue but the 17 final seemd to resolve it but now passthrough has stopped working. I will play with older versions and see how it goes.
As has been already mentioned LibreELEC Kodi Krypton on an S905 running from a Samsung EVO/Sandisk SD Card IS the superior version of Kodi on AML S905/S905x devices for pretty much seamless Audio and Video playback.

It will be easier that even stuffing about with unknown Firmware and you can even setup a dual boot system pretty easily.
OK, Thank you wrxtasy. Firmware it is then. I'll see what I can find out from freaktab as yes, it is a cheap chinese player. Not even sure what a good chinese player is to be fair as I imagine all players are of chinese origin.

Never mind.

Cheers guys, newbie signing off ..
A Xiaomi Mi Box for example IS a very good example of a good entry level Chinese Kodi media player. The excellent Wireless Voice remote and Android TV OS alone crap over all other budget AMLogic devices. Google IEC Audio Passthrough is even supported with Kodi Krypton.
The box I have is a xgody x96. It has support for firmware updates and I have just updated to what look to be a fairly current firmware (just before xmas). In the OS sound setup there is a new tab dor Dolby Sounds DRC - set to line/rf or off.

Still no joy with passthrough although the OS says it is configured for passthrough and all OS sounds can be heard. When you start a movie there is a pop and the amp registers something (usual signal detect message comes up then nothing.

How do I find out if this latest firmware supports IEC61937
You post a Debug Log and we can tell you.
In doubt I made it blue: 289735 (thread)
Fritsch, Thank you for extremely quick response.

How do I get a debug log generated?

Very interesting read you linked. Such a familiar story (I work in software engineering too). No worries, I'll try 16 again but the I could never fix the video freeze issue with that. Might try libreELEC when they release the amlogic version (sounds soon according to site)

Debug Log <- why not just clicking this link - should for work for a SW engineer, right? :-)

What I said you: Download the "shitty" build and it will work.
Ha, you mock me. Lazy software engineer (day off too Smile )

OK, what is the "shitty" build.
Ah from previous link. gotcha
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