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Full Version: Kodi behavior for processing RAR/R* packed files
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I did a search of the forums for some keywords/ideas related to a problem I have I'm hoping I can solve. With Jarvis I only had this issue when I pressed "I" (Info) on a file that was "incorrect" or tried to Play it. Now with Kodi Krypton version 17.0 it appears to do it all on its own, often, and whenever it feels like it.

I enabled Debugging and ran through a number of runs. It appears to be the same last log entries each time (see below). I've extracted the offending content and deleted the archive set, problem vanished. (I've done this in the past with Jarvis as well - or jsut didn't "touch" the WRONG file in the library set).

The "issue" exists when files are automatically added to the library and they are a set of RAR multi-part files. See snippet below which gives an example:
09:31:22.595 T:3052   ERROR: XFILE::CRarFile::Seek - Timeout waiting for buffer to empty
09:31:22.595 T:3052   ERROR: CDVDDemuxFFmpeg::Open - error probing input format, rar://FILENAME.part16.rar/FILE.mkv
09:31:22.599 T:5496   DEBUG: Thread RarFileExtract 5496 terminating
09:31:22.599 T:3052   DEBUG: CThumbExtractor::DoWork - trying to extract filestream details from video file rar://FILENAME.part11.rar/FILE.mkv
09:31:22.600 T:6208   DEBUG: Thread RarFileExtract start, auto delete: false
... and then nothing, a windows/kodi crash message.

now looking at the wiki file (Kodi advancedsettings.xml) for what is included in the library scan section 2.3.1 indicates, .RAR and .001. I can say for certain it will iterate 002, 003, 004 type files, and in the most recent case, it *(sensibly), is iterating part0?[2-9]+.RAR files - but realistically, I should be able to write a filter to exclude this. I'm just not certain how.


Or perhaps section 2.3.5 for multistacking is a part of my culprit.

Maybe I should be using section 2.3.11, and just exclude this content from the scan that way?

As I've only just installed Krypton, and deleted the library items offending the scraper - I intend to test this and report back either way next time it happens. But if someone has already solved this please share. Does excludefromscan trump the archive tool? I suspect it does. Any thoughts?