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Full Version: Shared database upgrading problems 16.1 > 17.0
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I got some problems upgrading from 16.1 to 17.0.
I'm using a shared MySQL database, running on WAMP.
My MySQL is version 5.0.51b.

I have closed all instances of Kodi, so nothing should be using the database.
I open Kodi on my Windows 10 PC, and i see the upgrading messages on the start screen.
After a while, it goes to the Kodi menu, but it says i have no media.

If i check my databases with phpmyadmin, i can see that myvideos99 has 34 tables, but myvideos107 only has 30.

I have tried dropping the 107 database and restarting the process, but it's the same result.

What's going wrong, and how do i correct it?
Log is bigger than pastebin allows me to upload.
Dropbox link the the log file here: