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Full Version: SHIELD Tablet, Nougat, Krypton, Estouchy looks wrong...
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I enable Estouchy and rather than looking like the screenshots in the pinned thread, it looks like an oddly spaced and misproportioned Estuary. I don't think the skin is being applied correctly.

Estuary enabled: http://imgur.com/M4PPsdY

Estouchy enabled: http://imgur.com/CQ7aSa1

This is just a stock Krypton install.

Edit: There is also a SIGNIFICANT hit to UI navigation speed when I switch to Estouchy.
the screenshot looks ok to me ;-)

as for the speed, enable debug logging in kodi (settings > system > logging > enable debug logging)
this will display the cpu load on screen.

please compare the cpu load between the two skins. estouchy should use less resources compared to estuary.

if you suspect something is wrong, please provide a Debug Log.
If you say so. I look at the imgur album you have in the pinned post and my tablet and while theyre similar looking in most aspects, mine seems to be missing some visuals. The solid upper and bottom bar. No weather in the upper bar. Main menu items run off the screen and scroll instead lf that dual pane look you show. I get that your album has been up for a while and that perhaps design has changed a bit. If thats the case a update in those shots may need a revision. Been using Kodi for a long time on my home PC. Rarely on the tablet so this is honestly good enough i suppose. I was just using this to manage a bunch of videos im loading up for a trip. Usually use VLC but their file list is awful with organizing this many different videos.

As for performance its actually fine now. Logging enabled reveals that while memory usage and CPU appear very similar. Estuary only ran at 15fps while Estouchy sits nice at 60 fps. Estouchy also feels fine now once i completed the network transfer of files. So beyond the minor visual differences the skin is perfectly servicable.
yeah.. some of my screenshots are a bit outdated.
i got rid of the dual menu panel on the homescreen and made it a single list, like in estuary.

some other visual changes were also made to make it more similar to the look of estuary.
Thats fair. Totally understand. Just wanted to be sure it wasn't my device making it look screwy. The more I use it I find it otherwise performs great. Thanks for answering my posts.