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Full Version: About the " Home " menu ...
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I'm new to the Kodi community. I have a Raspberry PI 3, and recently my old " WD TV Live " died, so I installed Kodi and am trying to tinker Smile

Precision :
The purpose of my help request is about the home menu options. First, to make it clear, I've been browsing several forums, wikis, and I want to be sure about the terms I'm using : when I talk about the " Home " menu, I mean " Movies " " TV Shows " " Videos " ... Are those the " home menu categories ", or should I call these something else ?

What I want to do and why :
Now, when I download a new media, it goes into a specific folder, managed by my download manager. It often is a very " temporary " thing : let's say a new tv serie episod. I'll watch it and delete it. What I would like to do, is add to the " Home menu categories " a " New movies " or " New episods " folder, linked to this temporary download folder. I start Kodi, go in the folder where 2 episods lie, watch these. I don't need to load the whole library and stuff.

How I'm expecting to implement this ?
I found out this :
HOW-TO:Edit_the_home_screen_skin_files (wiki)

It tells me that, if I understand well, to add a " menu entry " in the " home menu ", I just have to edit the Home.xml file and add whatever new entry (category ?) I want to see there.

Example :
<item id="7">
    <visible>!Skin.HasSetting(HomeMenuNoWeatherButton) + !IsEmpty(Weather.Plugin)</visible>

It is a very quick and easy way for me, maybe easier than those extensions I've seen. Is it a good way to proceed to edit the Home.xml file to add entries to the home menu ? If I do so and decide, tomorrow, to change the skin, do the skins base their skeletons on the home.xml file too (to make it simple, will it still work ?) ? Finally, if I do so, will the new " entry " added with the code appear in the Kodi configuration interface (so that I can add the relevant sources) ?

Thanks in advance