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Full Version: [RELEASE] Theater Showtimes Plugin - Shows Local Movie Theatre Show Times w. Trailers
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I've separated the Theater showtimes feature of Apple Movie Trailers and made a plugin/WindowXML hybrid. It features IMDb info thanks to C-Quel and cptspiff and anybody else who did the regex for IMDb.xml. It also has an optional link to AMT to play the movies trailer(s). AMT must be installed with a full install.

You install it as a plugin.

Access the settings from plugin settings.

Depending on how you add the plugin source you may get an error message, click ok and the plugin runs fine. You will not get the error if you run it from library view or if you run it from a source plugin://video/. This is being looked at.

Thanks Jezz_X for the layout and skinning.

grab the xbmc-addons installer plugin here and you can install any of the plugins, scripts or skins in the new svn. currently only a few plugins are in the svn now.

I'm working on a yahoo scraper that will cover other areas.

If anybody else would like to create a scraper, let me know if you need any help.

It's considered beta!
[Theater Showtimes Plugin]
- changed: fetches IMDb trailer url (Thanks to C-Quel)
- changed: setting for AMT is now a choice between IMDb trailer url and AMT trailer url
- changed: english language strings
* requires XBMC revision 11433 or newer

This version requires XBMC revision 11433 or higher
[Theater Showtimes Plugin]
- fixed: better IMDb trailer url support (Thanks to C-Quel's tireless efforts)
- fixed: details would not show if there was no plot
- changed: fetches IMDb trailer poster
- changed: english language strings
* requires XBMC revision 11433 or newer

Thanks to c-quel for his efforts.

This version requires XBMC revision 11433 or higher
[Theater Showtimes Plugin]
- changed: Version to 1.1
- fixed: imdb trailers (maybe)
- added: new setting poster size (small, medium, large)
- changed: english language strings(30540-30580)

Does anyone use this?
I certainly will as soon as I get my xbox fixed!
I used to use these kind of things all the time before the tv-links script erra since I only really use them much when I'm litterly picking which film we're all going to head out and see. :-)
Just wanted to find out if there is a bug with Showtimes script. Using
the http://www.google.com/movies site I can get my local cinema of Reading 5

But in the script nothing is found. I think it may have something to
do with the fact that only 1 cinema exists here and Google returns it
complete instead of giving a list of cinemas first.
As per above the postcode I use is 2830
the pages appear slightly different for your local, i have the theater list working now, but now parsing the pages for showtimes doesn't. so still working on it.
Thank you for the help.

Do yo have a working one for my area yet (not worried about other areas) that I can use now?
Nuka1195 Wrote:

Does anyone use this?

I installed it and love it Nuka! Smile

I'm sure most know this, but just in case someone new comes to this thread, the city that it scrapes info from can be changed by editing the "settings.xml" file from within the corresponding plugins folder. Works like a charm.

Thanks Nuka Wink
or by using the plugin settings, from the context menu Smile
Nuka1195 Wrote:or by using the plugin settings, from the context menu Smile

I can tell what n00b I am still Tongue... I just realized that I can right click on the plugin from within xbmc and make adjustments there Big Grin
...I will certainly be using it now!
many thanks for this great plugin!

edit: I changed the location to "amsterdam" via the plugin settngs and in my web browser "http://www.google.com/movies" I can see my local listings but using your plugin it says no listings found. Am I doing something wrong?

many thanks
Apple movie trailers II plugin has a theater showtime option also, basically the same code. i put amsterdam, germany and it works fine.

if you can try amsterdam, germany. then if that doesn't work, try amt ii plugin. then if that does, i will see what i did different.

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