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Full Version: Where to download splash image?
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can anybody tell me where I can download a 1920x1080 version of the v17 Krypton splash? In RC4, this was in a directory which I used to synchronize my desktop background and booting splash. However, this splash image is not present in the release which is quite annoying.

Thanks a lot!
It is in the kodi source on github.
@ronie: This is the RC splash again! Where can I find the one for the release version?
Sorry, don't understand this, clicked this link again and now it's the one I've been searching for? Stupid me!

Thanks so much guys!
not you, i accidentally posted the rc image initially ;-)
@ronie: :-) thanks for saving me from the lunatic home....

I know it's off topic here, but as you're involved in the CU LRC Lyrics script: Have you seen my post here?

305401 (thread)

I'm still wondering why nobody ever replied...
likely because most people, like you, don't know how to accomplish that ;-)

i'm not familiar with the aeon skin code, so can't help you either i'm afraid.
so it's definitely a skin issue! this already helps me a bit, so it's worth looking into the skin code for me, maybe I'll find a solution.

had this running in aeon nox 3, where I manually changed the skin code. just wasn't sure if the info panel really was a skin specific element!