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Full Version: Kodi Removing saved movies and shows
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I am having problems with kodi removing my tv shows and movies after I watch them. It hadn't before. It started after I had to re-download it How can I stop it from happening?
Kodi doesn't provide content so where is your content coming from / stored? Or are you using an add-on?

Kodi doesn't delete content you point it at unless you specifically tell it to.

Without a lot more specific information we are at a loss to direct you to the right place.
Please elaborate?
Which version of Kodi and which skin are you using?

If you bring up the files or library view, open the sidebar blade menu (in Estuary press the options button in the bottom-left, or press left on some systems).

On that menu check the settings you have for filtering - if you have it set to unwatched then anything that you have already watched will be automatically hidden, although the files etc are still there on your storage media.

If you're on Confluence in Jarvis I think the option is still there, but it's under the Misc section of the menu and is called "Hide Watched".
Are you using the Janitor addon? That will delete files, if you tell it too...
Could this be a watched|unwatched issue? 137592 (thread)