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Full Version: Blinking $info
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So i am using $INFO(Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.Plot))... on each song it reloads the plot of the album causing it to blink because i have the header change if the plot is not there based on visiblity...so my question is how could i send a command to setproperty of this panel when it becomes visible and clear when i change albums?
is there a limit to Skin.String.... I try setting the plot to a string but that does not work either.... same with set property it is not being carried.

Any advice?
Are you within a item / focused layout? if so I don't believe Skin.Strings can be used in there.
I am in a view... I tiredaking a button in the album section to focusedlayout to set property or string... Then when I get to the songs view I I have a text box separate from the panel that uses skinhelper but skinhelper blinks as I changed songs so I thought if I could set the album info Toba string or property I could replace the skinhelper with the string to get around the blinking....

I figured out the blinking is from the skinhelper listitem plot being reload on each song... As well as the total track count......

Basically I want to show album info in the songs view that's the only way I can think of to get rid of the blinking for lack of better terms.... And kodi built-in listitem albumdescription doesn't work at this level.
Okay so the blinking I have got around with he exception of the (skinhelper.listitem.plot).... My new question it Kodi has listitem.property(album_description) for albums and I don't get anything to show but I can use skinhelper.listitwm.plot and I get a overview ... What is wrong this the built-in listitem that it is not pulling a overview?
It only works at album level.
I must need to rescan my music then it doesn't work at album level for me..But the skinhelper is still pulling info from somewhere.