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Full Version: The Forum forgot password reset mechanism is uber slow.
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I just thought I'd mention that the forgot password mechanism is incredibly slow. It emailed me my password reset request a full 24 hours after requesting it, and then it took another 24 hours to get the "reset" password.

It was emailing to yahoo, so it shouldn't have taken that long (and no, it didn't end up in my spam folder).

So it took me 48 hours to actually get logged back into my account.
Given you only use Kodi for banned add-ons (wiki) which violate our forum rules (wiki) (according to your binned post) I wouldn't have bothered...
That is interesting because, in my country, streaming content is not technically illegal (Canada). Whatever, stupid forum rules won't diminish the use of this system for those extensions. Pointless banning. I digress.
Our site, our rules. And you agreed to abide by them when you signed up here.

Also any box that contains them is unsupported by us here.