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Full Version: Learn experience for me and the cable tech
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So i have a BrightHouse/Spectrum CableCard plugged into my HSHomeRun PRIME and am running Kodi 17 on a couple on Win7 boxes (a wired desktop and a wireless laptop). After a week of part time testing, I realized I was missing a lot of channels (BrightHouse/Spectrum SE MI). When I called in, they sent a tech out within less than 4 hours (amazing !). Well he spent the afternoon bang his head and talking the 2nd level tech support guys, until trying the "obvious" solution.

When I got my CableCard, I plugged it directly into the HDHomeRun box and installed and fired up Kodi. The missing channels were all "switched digital". After many attempts to get those channels to load, the tech installed one of their CableCard tuner boxes IN FRONT OF the HDHomeRun. SHAZAM !! I think I have more channels now then I had with their regular cable box !
For SDV, you need a tuning adapter. The Prime fully supports this; just rerun the channel scan after you install the TA.