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Full Version: DLNA Video stream - Resume offered, but starts from beginning
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fresh install of Kodi 17.0 on Linux mint 18.1 (also fresh).
Playing video from minidlna on Linux.
When resume is offered and selected, instead of resuming, the playback starts from the beginning.

Bug reported.

Best regards
debug log: http://pastebin.com/2W2tbGhb

actions done:

1: start kodi and select a dlna hosted video - playing from the beginning.
2: stop it quickly after a few seconds.
3: restart playback -> no resume (normal behaviour). stopping again.
4: restart playback and move to the middle of the timeline. stop again.
5: restart playback -> resume offered and works.
6: switch to music on dlna server.
7: return to video, start playback -> resume offered, but starts playing from the beginning.
8: quit kodi.
debug log: http://pastebin.com/euejMhxG

also happens if:

1: start video playback from dlna
2: exit kodi
3: start kodi and return to that video -> resume offered, but plays from the beginning.
I think upnp specific was not turned on in the previous logs.
So here again:

play vid. stop - play music - return to vid. - press resume...


anyone can confirm this?