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Full Version: Kodi Jarvis plays 1080p from storage very choppy but vlc plays it great
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i have been a kodi user for few years, but the problem i am running into with kodi Jarvis is that it is playing video in 1080p
from my drives is choppy. i have looked all over the internet for solution and nothing seems to work,
i play the 1080p vids in vlc and it plays smooth.

does anyone have a simple solution, i.e easy to follow steps to get kodi jarvis to play 1080p?

ps. also, does anyone have a simple solution for kodi jarvis to play h.265 video as well?

Thank you for taking the time out reading this and helping me
You need to provide more information. What is your hardware setup? How are you serving the media to Kodi?

EDIT: Post a log file.
Try doing a linux update, that should update any drivers as long as their in your repositories. Kodi should play H265 natively. Whats your hardware setup like? See if your videos work in VLC.
Kodi can be set-up to play as well as VLC (consider it uses the same code), but sometimes older graphic drivers have issues, I would mention that VLC uses software rendering as default while Kodi uses hardware, you might want to toggle software rendering.

One thing that might give you some releif regardless is that you can set-up VLC as an external player called within Kodi. External players (wiki) 256537 (thread)