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Full Version: Audio Passthrough not working for Atmos HTPC. But PC Game Atmos works good
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Denon avr x3300w - 5.2.2 (2 heights)
Kodi 17.0

I happen to have SW Battlefront - and when I play it, the Receiver properly displays Atmos (and boy does it sound great)! So no issues w/ the equipment itself.

However in Kodi, I open a number of movies and their appropriate format is displayed on the Receiver, Dolby, DTS, DTS HD, etc. But when I try to test out my John Wick which I'm 100% is Atmos capable, the receiver doesn't doesn't change. It stays as "Multi Ch" which is nothing special and the same format when navigating Kodi.

A couple of oddities idk if related - I downloaded one of those 45 second "Atmos experience" demos and try to open it with VLC or WMP, and I get no audio, just video. Then when I use the Windows speaker setup/test, it plays the height/rear sound out of the side.

Point me in the right direction. I'm hoping tomorrow is movie night w/ Hacksaw Ridge and want the full experience Wink.
No Debug Log no issue. This is a support forum and nobody can help you without that Debug Log
(lOG removed - passwords and such - THANKS!)
In this one, I tried opening Mechanic movie which is an atmos file.
Please select the WASAPI sink for Passthrough, too. In your log the directsound sink is opened.
awesome stuff, thnx!
Didn't realize there was a 2nd area to also set WASAPI
(PS - removed original log)