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Full Version: Phenomenal Skin - 17.0 (Krypton)
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No news.. Yet... I like the skin, but feel its lacking support :/
I moved on...
The skin no longer seems to remember the views set in settings, all just going default left.

Any news on the skin backup location please?
Any updates on the new version?

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ok, so 4.2.3 is blown up anyhow. i was able to move back to 4.2.2 on one System. On another where i installed it later, it's not possible. Does anyone know how to switch to 4.2.2 even if it was never installed on the system?
I see 4.2.4 is in the repo but still the same problem.

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@tomer953 can you confirm 4.2.5 is still wrong?
4.2.5 working fine here
(2017-05-18, 19:37)BigNoid Wrote: [ -> ]@tomer953 can you confirm 4.2.5 is still wrong?

Looks fine.
I just want to thank you for the work, I love phenomenal. For me the best kodi skin Smile

It's not a big deal but with the German translation there is an issue in the movie info screen. The word Zusammenfassung(engl. summary) is too long and is overlapping the following words...

All the best,

I noticed that Phenomenal (v. 4.2.5, Kodi 17) does not display my video's format/aspect/audio/lang/etc' icons anymore, in the Fanart display... and I couldn't find anywhere to enable/disable this...
What happened?
Added debug info about video (when pressing o)
Fix missing flags in fanart view
Fix missing backgrounds in home menu
Fix addon browser icons
4.2.6. Language set to Hebrew, but the setting show parts on english

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Ill check. Try to relaunch kodi?
(2017-06-08, 00:17)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]Ill check. Try to relaunch kodi?
Tried. No change, in setting part is in English and part in Hebrew

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I will fix it ASAP, thank you
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