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Full Version: Music Server - Pandora/Spotify Clone
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I am currently running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) 64-bit on a Intel Core i5-4590 Quad-core 3.30GHz CPU and Plex Media Server which I have found works great for my video needs.

I was recently introduced to Kodi and while I'm not interested in the video end of it, I am interested in the music side. I currently have over 110,000 mp3s. My household includes 7 other people, including 4 teenagers.

I'm not a big fan of letting the teenagers plug their device into my server to transfer music, so I am wondering if there is a Kodi add-on/plug-in that...
  • Supports multiple users (via account creation),
  • Allows users to create their own radio stations by selecting an artist or song, and by giving a thumb-up or thumb-down to played songs. The server would then respond by playing more of what the user likes based off these inputs, and
  • The ability to access via mobile device would be awesome, but not 100% necessary
Wondering if anybody has suggestions.
kodi is not what you want.
Is there any specific reasons why you say that?

I've been looking at the Smart playlists and Partymode and it looks like they might make Kodi "close" to a Pandora clone.
Kodi doesn't have the smarts to work out what you'd like to hear more of based on a few thumb-up/downs.

Kodi is not a server.
Try logitech media server or https://www.mopidy.com
Go with a family subscription @ http://www.apple.com/music/

Or if you're into the m of s&m, you could always use Plex as your music server.
Isn't that what Google Music is perfect for?
Can you use google music or apple music with your own music collection? That was the request.

EDIT: I see google music allows this, up to 50,000 songs. The OP has 110,000 though.
Up to 50,000 own songs. And unlimited as long as the own songs were purchased through Google Play store.