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Full Version: After upgrade video not smooth
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I had a stable Celeron NUC Sandybridge version of the Intel Processor/Chipset running Kodi 16 with the Mythtv PVR addon. I'm running Xubuntu 16.04.

Everything worked fine, but a recent update put me on Kodi 17 before I was ready. I've noticed that any motion in a video playback is not smooth anymore. If I use the Mythtv-frontend to play the same video/recorded TV it works fine. The video settings seem to recognize that I have Video Hardware and that it is turned on.

Not sure where to go from here other than to figure out how to downgrade to Kodi 16.

Any advice?
Hi - this is a support forum and therefore no one can help you without a Debug Log
Must be performance issue. I switched the hardware to a Core i3 NUC (Ivy Bridge) and video is smoother but not as good as mythtv frontend player.
Hi - this is a support form and therefore no one can help you without a Debug Log
Well if you want the log so bad, you need to update the instructions for Kodi 17. For starters there is not Program to look for the log uploader.
Please also provide a sales receipt for your copy of KODI to prove you're entitled to free support.
I apologize for upsetting everyone. My intent was to help debug the new version 17. Sorry it didn't come across as such. There doesn't appear to be a way for me to upload a log file per the instructions on the Wiki. Those instructions work for version 16 and I have used them in the past.

But never mind. My problem is solved by moving back to Kodi 16 which works very well and so does the PVR addon mythtv.