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Full Version: Streaming music from Ready NAS. WAN.
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Hi everyone. Needing some help here.
I'm using Kodi 16.1 on the Amazon Fire tv. I store all my movies and music on a 4 bay Netgear Readynas NAS 104. Everything works fine within my home Network.

I'm planning on bringing my Amazon Tv with me on a holiday. I'm only wanting to access my music on the nas through Kodi outside my LAN. I've tried using Plex by running the Plex server on the NAS, but its not very good for music and nothing beats Kodi in my eyes as you get all the fan art, album and cdart. I'm not wanting to use Plex only Kodi. Is there a way of accessing the music through kodi from outside my LAN?.

Thanks for your time.