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Full Version: PVR Clients
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So I decided to install the latest Test Build from this section as I got tired of fighting with SNES9X to get it to play nice with Kodi and RCB. So far, Awesome! Thank you.

I have one slight issue though. I use NextPVR on the same Windows HTPC in my living room and it appears this build does not include the PVR Addons like the official install does. Would you be able to give me any help getting it running?

Edit: I should note, I posted in this section as I wanted to point out they are missing and maybe it should be added or at least away to include them. Most answers I saw over in the PVR section are nothing more than "Install the official build."
To keep the download size down, I left out all non-game binary add-ons. Simply download a vanilla build and copy the add-ons from there.
I see. I am curious why they would not be there then when I installed this build over the vanilla build that had a working NextPVR Addon running.
Because it's a binary interface, the versions must match EXACTLY. We install new binary add-ons over old ones because the old ones won't be compatible with a newer Kodi.