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@AnthraxLeprosyPi Sorry about that, somehow I completely missed it! I've added them in, so downloading the zip from the Git master should get you the latest files. I've been making some more changes to the files that I've yet to sort out, so I haven't made repo zips, that will come with the next version, whenever I finally get more time to do it properly.
Hi Alanon,

first of all, thank you very much for the skin. I continue to find it the best available.
I would like to ask you something about the live tv widget and point out a couple of things that I don't know whether they are bugs.
Regarding the live tv widget, is there any way to tell it not to try to scrape the current movie/tv show for each channel? I would like it to always show the channel logo but sometimes it shows the poster of the current show playing which it gets from the tv guide. I'm using the 'latest played channels' widget by the way.
Another thing I notice is that there is an option in the PVR settings that defines for how long the channel information should be shown when switching channels. The problem is that it doesn't show it all which I guess is a bug? 
Last thing I noticed, ever since I upgraded to Leia the UI tends to slow down from time to time, specially after switching menus, as if it changed the default frame rate or something which from what I tested doesn't happen when using the default skin. I'm using a PC with 8GB of RAM, an i7 7700k and a AMD RX 480 so I don't think my specs have anything to do with that. I've reinstalled Kodi several times and in different PCs so I don't think this is caused by a corrupted installation. Any ideas?

Again thanks for the work and looking forward to any updates you may be preparing for the skin!
@Sepharat Thanks for the kind words! The entire PVR system will always be the weak point of the skin, since I don't use it and it's very difficult to develop anything without seeing it at work. That being said, one PVR user has suggested some quality of life improvements for PVR and has provided me with his code, which I'm currently in the process of integrating into the skin. Nothing major, but every little bit counts. The Kodi PVR settings like the one you've mentioned are system-based, not skin-based, and they usually don't work, because the skin has a complex playback interface that Kodi can't recognise, and I don't have the skill to iron these differences out without an actual usable PVR system in place on my machine. In fact, I'm not sure I would have the skill to clean up all the accumulated code even under the best of circumstances. 

Now about the widgets. I remember that the art is populated in order of preference for all types of content - posters, then icons, then genre icons (if any exist). My best guess is that your PVR delivers the captions (where available) as posters, and thus overrides the logos, I'm not sure if I can do anything about that, as far as I know, there aren't any bits of code that control the retrieval process itself. One solution might be to force all PVR widgets to use icons only... though that's sure to annoy some folks. (In case you'd like to tinker with these parameters yourself, they are in Incudes_Object.xml, line 362 onwards.) A potential solution might also be to try and define a channel group and then use that widget as an alternative, to see if the behaviour might change? Super Favourites might also have some way of crafting a PVR list that you could use as a widget in a similar way, though all these are just ideal off the top of my head, and none of them may work. 

Regarding your stutter issues, I might be able to point you in the right direction. I'm also on Windows 10, have the same RX card, and have had stutter issues in the past. In my case something would send Kodi on a fritz and the entire interface would start to stutter. Periodically, if I would peer at the screen, I could actually see it gently flicker for some reason! I believe it is a general case of AMD being crappy: buggy drivers, poor FreeSync implementation (at least with my monitor) and fullscreen settings. Currently, I'm running ancient drivers from last year, have turned FreeSunc off completely, and am running Kodi in "fullscreen window". A combination of these steps might work for you. For what it's worth, I'm currently on Radeon 18.9.3. I've never been ale to get to the bottom of what causes the frizzing out, but the official skin is much better coded, so that's why it works better.
Hi alanon, in the latest version from kodi (on coreelec) 9.2.0 i cant change the colours boxes at main menu, i go to appareance, shortcut menu, i press color boxes, select the color, save, but dont save that.

At least if i change it manually at the file skin.eminence.2.mod.properties for example
['mainmenu', 'movistartv', 'tilecolor', u'ff23729b']

works well

Do you know how solve it?

Hi Alanon,

I have some movies from Master Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away, Totoro, Laputa etc. and I would like to use the original movie titles. So I can't display them because of the Japanese (or Chinese) characters. Is there any solution?
Thank you very much!
For somebody that wants that pvr on eminence 2 mod




Only have the issue with the color boxes on main menu, waiting for alanon if he knows how solve it Confused
Can anyone point me to a solution to disable the new episode/movie indicator so it is then an unwatched indicator?
Would be nice this also as an option. It's missing in the indicator settings. Only all, none or unwatched only.
hello group, I finish installing eminence mod 2 and the option to turn off, render, does not appear in the start menu.
I tried to add the item to the menu, but I can't add a menu with all the shutdown options.
How could I solve
Kodi 18 + libreelec + rpi 3b +