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@curael As far as size issues are concerned, I'm afraid it's a case of usability for many. A long time ago there were complaints from users that they couldn't see the existing flags properly. Though I presume their couch was a bit too far away from the TV, I still decided to swap and increase the icons and some other elements, as I believed that being able to read the info comfortably was the whole point of having it there. It's really like a pendulum swing, at some point I'll change something at someone's request, only to get a request to do the opposite a while later. I personally don't even use the flags, but there you go. I have thought about adding some more nuance to the flags, but the problem is with all those additional settings that tie into them that aren't that simple to remove.

Realistically, it would have made much more sense to fix some of the information (like watched/unwatched, etc) together with the text content instead of trying to have it both ways, but the problem with that is that the skin includes too many completely different viewtypes, so the space around the panels ends up being the only free field.  Anyway, as much as I love customisation, it has gotten to the point of being too unwieldy, with very little room left for logical organisation and clean presentation of settings. I'm at a point where I prefer to keep things clear since there's a lot of folk new to Kodi that just can't manage with the level of settings that are there.

As far as media Info goes, that's actually a nice catch. That one really fell through the cracks. Anyway, it was a pretty easy fix and it'll be included in the next update, which will happen just as soon as I figure out what to do with the source flags. The new behaviour should be simple - anywhere in the skin where there are season posters available, they should appear at the episode level. I'll see what I can do about the OSD icons, that's one of the oldest modifications made to the skin, there's some strangeness there that needs resolving, but if I manage to think of something, that might be included in that update as well.

You got me a bit confused with the "now playing" bit? The setting should be called "Show background video" and should work just fine? The only thing that might hinder the viewing experience is the background tint, as it acts as a universal overlay. If you have something like a 90%-99% opaque white tint, then you'll hardly see anything, but anything below that should still be discernible? With the background tint, it's all about reaching the optimal compromise between legibility and fanart visibility. I've experimented with various fixed gradients before and realised that there's no way I could ever design the perfect setting. At their worst, the effects were jarring, and much more egregious on darker setups, where the panels would blend into darker scenes and just leave slabs of white text. So I just left it tied to the tint. I've found that around 50-60% of opacity on pure black or white colours works very well.
@Alanon hey man,

Huh, what media info are you saying you're changing? As in "nice catch"? The season posters and the icons? :O The OSD is okay, it's just.. I hate how the icons are not THAT indicative of what they hold. I love text. :| I love reading. Lol. Anyway, never mind that. 

And yeah, I knew you were gonna correct me on the setting's name. But it was the one I meant.. And I have like 30% transparency and white color set. I legit don't see any background video at all. :| You want logs on that?

The rest of your reply, amount to this answer: I very much look forward to seeing your changes and I'm happy you think they are worthy of a change/toggle. Thank you very much. - I'm sorry for the rather short answer but I don't have too many thoughts on these now, other than knowing what you're changing, lol. And the background thing is just.. I don't know why it's not working. I'll have to pull some logs. What logs do you need in order to see what's going on?

Sorry for asking, but couldn't find an answer the last few pages: since you are planning on a lot changes, is there also Leia support planned for a upcoming version?
Since jurialmunkey has moved away from my favourites (Eminence and Arctic: Zephyr) to Aura, so two of the best Kodi skins in general won't be updated to Leia.
So I can still hope for your version with all the great updates you brought to this skin in the time of the mode.
@curael Yes, season posters should work on episode level, in all views where there is a poster, as long as the season hierarchy isn't flattened. As for the issue with background video, try enabling the setting and then playing something and generally fiddling with it, and then send me the kodi.log of that run. I'm hoping for some helpful errors. xD

@MasterPhW I plan to begin updating the mod for Leia when Leia hits its first official beta. The nightlies are too unstable and change very quickly. I see no point in going through all the trouble on a build not really suited for use. Rather than having to constantly chase the skinning changes, I hope to be able to get things updated when the beta hits the web, as there ought to be comparatively fewer changes to it skin-wise from beta to release. However, I have no idea how much time it will take me to get everything working from the moment the first beta comes out to the first release of the skin. I have never updated a skin to a new Kodi release from zero to 100%, so it will be an adventure. Smile
@Alanon Haha, you got it man. I've created the best kodi log ever.
I can explain it like this: I stop on a video I want to watch, I look at the fanart, and it cycles through all the extra fan art. AS SOON as I click play, before the video opens, I see the fanart switch to the "original" fanart that is set, and it stays like that while playing the video. Basically it ignores the video, it ignores your background opacity settings and everything. It just shows the static fanart and the now playing panel in the bottom left. 

And yay, I'll look forward to the poster fix. That's a nice one.

EDIT: Thought I'd include the log too: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WWxIy6...ZziSxU1bWt

EDIT 2: File updated to fulfill Team Kodi's guidelines on banned_addons. The repositories have been deleted off my system. If Team-Kodi finds any other things in the log I would very much like them to mention it to me by name, so I can delete it and be compliant and get help on the forums. @Karellen. I want to mention that I did not use any of the repo's to stream anything illegal. It simply held an old version of another addon that had been updated on the Kodi repo.

The forum moderators have determined that Banned_addons (wiki) are present on your system. To receive assistance here, these banned items must be removed. If a clean log is not submitted within 3 days, then the relevant post(s) will be removed after this time.
@Karellen  See original comment edit.

Is it possible for you to delete your comment at some point? I don't really like the assumptions that will be made whenever someone visits this thread. I've done as you said and I've apologized.
@curael Your logs are ok, you have no serious errors. The one thing that I see are references to DSplayer, LAV filters and MadVR, so I'm betting that that's the root cause. I've looked around the forums a bit, and there seems to be a variety of issues for various people based on their specific hardware and settings. Apparently, experimenting is the only way to go from here.

There's a chance that fiddling with your settings might fix things. If I had to guess, I'd say that some kind of fullscreen exclusive mode set up in MadVR might be the problem. You could also check out DirectX settings or hardware acceleration. Aside from tweaking renderer settings, one other thing that springs to mind is to change Kodi's internal fullscreen settings to borderless or something.

I have no idea how to solve this issue from my end, based on what I know, the way to reference currently playing videos in the code doesn't change regardless of the renderer or player. It's really all about Kodi's interaction with the many ways in which video overlays can be displayed. In this instance, I have no idea where the video goes - behind the fanart image, or if it just disappears.
@Alanon Hey Alanon, how are you?

Hm, that is really odd. I just re-enabled the original Eminence mod and it has no problems with the video playback in background, neither does aura or Estuary. I have a short log with the Eminence skin loading a video, maybe you can see something different there? I am really at a loss here. I don't use exclusive mode in MadVR or Kodi as both work better in Fullscreen Windowed mode. This is the first time I've had this issue in any skin. I'm wondering why the artwork takes precedence. 

Oh well, if you have the time at some point to look at this log, that's fine. I also understand if you don't want to. Also, please don't look into MadVR or DSplayer as the cause of this, I think it's a waste of time. It's working in the other skins, so I think the renderer passes just fine.



Anyway.. I'll see ya around. ^^
[font][font]Olá comecei a usar uma pele e achei excelente. [/font][/font][font][font]por definição de falta de uma palavra que pode ser encontrada em um jogador da pele padrão krypton. [/font][/font][font][font]em vez de ajustar o player em uma lista de opções em um arquivo de legenda. [/font][/font][font][font]Quando é que é sua vez pelo kodi e ja tenho em arquivo .STR [/font][/font]

[font][font]Isso pode ser adicionado a EMINENCE 2 MOD?    [/font][/font]Image

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Hey, I've discovered something really interesting. 

I wrote a post in this forum asking for a problem with Kodi in general: 331867 (thread)

As you can see, everytime that I switch between channels with IPTV the skin freezes and I need to reset the Rpi. But now I've tried the default skin that comes with Kodi and it doesn't matter anymore!

In that post I put some logs, I can upload more if needed.

In the original eminence, after selecting the widget "Default widgets-> Skin Helper Service Widgets -> PVR -> Recently played ..." the widget shows the title of the program. The eminence mod shows the name of the channel.

Eminence2 mod (TVP 1 - it's channel name):
Eminence2 (Leśniczówka - it's title):
Is it possible to show the title of the program and not the name of the channel?
@curael That's really strange. Could you post a couple more comparison logs, so I can take a more detailed look?

@SamuraiCoder More logs with the procedure that causes the crash would be helpful.

@tomasiek I'll see what I can do!
Thanks. I tried different skins, but yours is perfect. What do you say to translate it 100% into a beautiful Polish language (by me, of course - many Polish users use your skin, they would also like the idea of ​​translation.)?
Wszak "niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają." Smile