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If anyone want pvr info when switch channel, u need only replace that files on /.kodi/addons/skin.eminence.2.mod/



Ok, i have now another problem xD

When i join to sub-menu Recordings, that's appear empty, but in estuary show my recording files, it's normally?
Hi. Love the skin. Question regarding some things. For the option "show sorting and info line headers", is it possible to disable the thin strip horizontal line that display with the headings? Example, when going into "Settings", I see the heading "SETTINGS" but then there's this long think thin grey horizontal line. Would love hide this line and just have the headers show. Would make it cleaner. Also, possible to add the font from "Arctic: Zephyr" as a font option? Thanks.
Hi Alanon
I’m trying to install Eminence 2 MOD on a clean install of Leia RC2, but it fails with an error message:
           ‘Dependency on script.skin helper service version 1.1.23 could not be satisfied’.
As far as I can discover, 1.1.3 is the latest version and there is no version 1.1.23.  Is the problem due to a coding typo? 

I am using files repository.alanon-1.02.zip and skin.eminence.2.mod-3.02.zip on my Windows 10Pro 64bit test-bed.

I also notice that running repository.marcelveldt-1.01.zip in Leia RC2 doesn’t appear to do anything apart from crash Kodi. Am I right in concluding that it is not needed for Leia?

@m3ndi My PVR Demo setup cannot produce recordings, but if you have made recordings they should be visible. Can you explain in more detail what you see and post a debug log so I can see what's going on?

@robjbw I know what you mean about the headers, I also prefer the cleaner look. It would be a huge pain in the a** to remove all the lines, as the previous modder added these elements in several different ways, so I'd have to find them all. The cleanest look is still to have them just gone, as even without the lines, you'd still have the nubs of text. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought both Eminence and Arctic used Roboto? Does Arctic use something different instead?

@Vitruvius3 There have been some bumps with Leia installing mountains of dependencies on Windows. What I believe is happenning is that slow response times from some of the "deeper" dependencies that the dependency add-ons themselves rely on crash the entire process. Things like python modules and the like have to be pulled from the Kodi repo very quickly, copied and recognised in the installation process, and it's possible that Windows reacts a bit too quickly and borks the process. I've tried this on several machines and with several skins, don't ask me why, but it happens. There's just something about loading all the add-ons that eventually hits some random obstacle and halts everything. If I remember correctly, my solution at the time was to try again, and the second try resumed downloading the dependencies from where it left of, resulting in a successful install. After these small add-ons were installed, I never had another issue with updating skins, installing new add-ons, etc.

Now, regarding the particulars. Marcel has been busy these past months, so updates have been slow, but his beta repo works just fine and shouldn't crash Kodi by itself. Once Marcel updates something, it will more than likely be through his repo, so it's deffinitely still needed. His GitHub repo reveals that the latest version of skin.helper.service is 1.1.24, which is about a year old at this point. If I remember correctly, 1.1.3 is even older, and it's the non-beta version published in the official Kodi repo. I believe that the "dependency couldn't be satisfied on..." error indicates that some dependency of skin.helper.service couldn't be installed, not the add-on itself. Now, these dependencies might come from the add-on zip, or they might have to be pulled from the official repo. For starters, I'd try it once more and see what happens. If the process hangs at the exact same spot, you can manually unzip the add-on from here. If it stops at a different place and displays a different error, then a third time might do the trick.
The problem is with your MyPVRRecordings.xml, u can compare your file with estuary and view why dont show recordings

If you enter to down on live tv, and select submenu Recordings, when u enter,  thats shows empty recrodings.

I replaced your MyPVRRecordings.xml by the MyPVRRecordings.xml from estuary and works, but to adapt that to your skin, you need edit 3 or 4 files more from estuary to your skin.

I think you need if u want, resolve the problem with MyPVRRecordings.xml for next updates and add similar edited from show pvr info when u switch channels how my last post.
Hi Alanon
Thanks very much for the quick, interesting, and very helpful reply at #1,325, above.

Using the GitHub version of skin.helper.service did not get rid of my ‘Dependency on script.skin.helper. service version 1.1.23 could not be satisfied’ problem.

I’m pleased to report however that your posting led me to eventually discovering that the error could be fixed/prevented by installing  script.module.cherrypy-master.zip  (downloaded from  https://github.com/marcelveldt/repositor...e.cherrypy ) before installing  script.skin.helper.service-master.zip.  

Unfortunately, repository.marcelveldt-1.0.1.zip still crashes Windows when I try to install it on my PC.  Windows Event Viewer shows:
    Faulting application name: kodi.exe, version: 17.9.920.0, time stamp: 0x5c054a68
    Faulting module name: kodi.exe, version: 17.9.920.0, time stamp: 0x5c054a68
    Exception code: 0xc0000094
    Fault offset: 0x00000000007401cd
    Faulting process id: 0x894
which I guess just means that the file needs updating for Leia?  I have never installed Krypton on this PC.

Thanks again for the help, and all your work on this skin!
I think u are trying install marcel repository on kodi 18 rc2, that build has a problem installing repositories
(2018-12-11, 12:50)m3ndi Wrote: [ -> ]I think u are trying install marcel repository on kodi 18 rc2, that build has a problem installing repositories
Thanks for the tip.  I 'll try it with Kodi RC3 which looks as if it is just about to be released.
Hi everyone my name is Tyler Oakley,

I'm using the old Eminence 2 Mod on SPMC (Jarvis) because this Revived version looks like doesn't support older SPMC/Kodi builds. But I'm super happy with it except 2 small things... since the old thread is closed, I figured I ask for help here because maybe both versions are still very similar?

1. I use the skin on a OLED screen. And as a the background I simply used a ff000000 (Black) wallpaper. But every time I enter or exit from the Main Menu to let's say videos or Live TV there is a dark grey transition! Can I somehow get rid of that grey transition? I looked and searched for a grey background image in the skin folder and thought just deleting it would solve my problem but couldn't find anything. Editing some .xml's I don't know where to look for that line that affects that. I'm a noob.

2. The list view in video's could show the double amount of files imho. Is there a way I can edit some files and change the property to show more? The skin could have a different DPI because for my liking everything is way to big and wastes a lot of space...

Other then that I have to say I love this skin!!! It helps me to hold on to SPMC which in my use scenario is waaay better then any Kodi build.

Thank you everyone. Wink
Thanks for this wonderful Skin!
For me the BEST skin I ever see!!

I just want to remove the Background (or set more transparent) in the music view.
Artist Slideshow is running.
Cover and CD Art right,
Cover for next track left.
The background between the two covers and artist slideshow is what I want to change.
It is black and half transparent.

Where I can find it?
I checked in folder 16:9 some files,
but I never found the right entry.

Please help what I have to change to set this background more transparent or remove it.

After doing a fresh install I can no longer install Eminence, I'm having the same issues as Vitruvius3. At first I was having the "Dependency on script.skin helper service version 1.1.23 could not be satisfied" issue, so I downloaded and installed the marcelveldt zip you linked. That worked and I was able to download and install eminence, but it gives me an error and can't build the menu, it keeps crashing. Any tips?

I'm running a Kodi 18.0-RC2 (LibreELEC) on a Raspberry Pi 3

Edit. I was able to fix it, by deleting and reinstalling eminence multiple times.
I pleased to report that I've just installed Eminence 2 MOD using kodi-18.0-Leia_rc3-x64 and did not have any problems.
I pleased to report that I've just installed Eminence 2 MOD using kodi-18.0-Leia_rc3-x64 and did not have any problems, ie, I did not have to apply any fixes.
Is it possible to shuffle music within a playlist? All I can find is Party Mode which shuffles everything in the library.