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(2019-01-22, 23:04)pgdownload Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps also remove 3.0.3 from the repository

Out of interest, I'm wondering how 3.0.3 ever got released? Assume it must have worked without issue on your setup Alanon? or was it the most recent Leila RC that broke it subsequently?

Regardless, thanks for the efforts to come up with a quick fix.

Peter Gillespie

Pretty much. The menu was consistently building/rebuilding on my machine until I went and manually deleted my menu data and forced a clean rebuild. Then I saw the problem. I still don't understand the root cause - I've tested and received reports that it's not just Leia RC5/5.2, as the only reliable combo was Leia RC4 plus version 3.0.2. So, while we can be certain that something changed with RC5, we can also be certain that, at best, the skins' implementation of skin shortcuts is buggy. The worst thing, however, is the fact that skin shortcuts development has stalled, and the planned fully-compatible Leia version is still incomplete and partially documented.

At the moment we're simply trucking along with the last version from a couple of months ago, and everything works. Implementing the aforementioned experimental Leia script worked, but only partially, and I don't yet know of a skin that uses it. I think that ultimately I've been able to track down and patch the template issues so that no new dependency, script or some other step is needed, only a simple update (which should be up by now). I've tested it through and through along with some volunteers, I hope it will work for everyone. Unless someone steps in and continues Marcel's great work, however, I think that things are only going to get worse.
And a big thank you for the update. I have successfully restored things back. 

I couldn't for the life of me stop the broken Eminence loading (deleted all folders than mentioned it in userdata and addon_data. In the end as usual the simple solution was to edit the file:


<setting id="lookandfeel.skin">skin.eminence.2.mod</setting>
went to
<setting id="lookandfeel.skin">skin.estuary</setting>

After that applying the new 3.0.4 zip file essentially reset the menu build and its been a while since I was really hanging on a progress bar to get all the way to 100%


Peter Gillespie
Update is working perfectly. Had to set up all over again but that is a small price to pay for all your hard work. Thank you.
Pleased to report that the update is working perfectly here as well (Windows 10Pro 64 bit).
Well done!  Many thanks!
Just wanted to add my thanks for your great efforts Alanon. Working perfectly at on my Shield now. Champion!
Works great. Thank you very much for the professional work.
Yes, menu works without problems on 3.0.4 but still can't change background. Is it just me?
Check post #1,401
Sounds as if your Userdata’ folder contains obsolete data.
Have you tried deleting the contents of the ‘Thumbnails’ subfolder, and in the Database folder, the ‘textures13.db’ file?
@pgdownload, @cambler, @Scorpion123, @Vitruvius3, @djghettoredneck Thank you all for the kind words! And thanks to all the folks who volunteered to test things out, that really helped me get this sorted quickly(ish). Hopefully, we can all take a break now.

@TurDo Sorry for not responding earlier, I was knee-deep in fixing stuff. It's mostly just a matter of properly configuring settings. The setting you referenced in your previous post is for an overlay image - that's to say, an image that will go over any other image in a semi-transparent way. Depending on your colour settings, it can be barely visible. It's not meant to replace your backgrounds, just to add a layer over them. The setting right below it (Fanart fallback image) is responsible for the backgrounds displayed when no fanart is defined by your media. That's what you see in the settings sections. If you want a universal solution, you can select your image(s) there, and then deactivate media library fanart and widget fanart (It's all in the same section) - the skin will then display only your selected image(s). The main menu settings also have separate background options, if that's the way you want to go. Basically, the order of preference is Widget fanart > Main menu fanart > Fallback image.
@Alanon my bad... forgot about Fanart fallback image. Thanks for help and your great work!
I really like this skin - perfect for a large screen TV.

Apologies is this has been asked before, I did go through a lot of the posts but 96 pages of them is a bit too much for me!   I have a couple of mods to the skin that I would like to do but I am really struggling in the XMLs to understand how each bit works and therefore what to change.  I do not want someone to give me all the answers, just point me in the right direction.

1. The background of the home menu bar is a little dull (basically blackish).  What I would like to do is change it, for example, a brushed steel look, a carbon fibre look or similar.  I might want to change the sub-menu background as well for consistency.  And of course I want to do it in a way which allows the home menu items (icons & text in my case) to be completely visible.

2. Although I do like the various home menu tile options I would like to play around with some ideas for different tiles - maybe shields or something that looks like a bolted on metal notice.  The problem with my idea is that the tiles would not be, at least in principle transparent, so if the tile has a solid background how do I make sure the text or icon (say for movies) is visible (ie in the foreground with the tile being in the background).
@justin150 Hello and welcome! What you're trying to accomplish is going to take some doing. Basically, the vast majority of home screen elements are colourable through one skin setting or another, so the elements like menu backgrounds, widget boxes, headers and menu boxes are basically just small white image files (look out for references like white.png, tile.png, tile_empty.png, half_tile.png and many others) stretched to proper dimensions and with a colour filter applied. What you'd have to do is go through the files and alter the background images to the ones you'd need.

For example, for altering the main menu background, look for "Home_Menu_BG_Big" in Includes_Home.xml, and for menu styles, search for the proper style comment in the same file. I'd wager that you'll have to tailor your images to fit the available user space. If you select a light/dark basic theme, the text should turn white/dark so you should be able to use a brighter chrome texture. You'll only have to alter the menu backgrounds and one tile style, the one which best fits the look you're after. This will break skin colour settings, but you can remove the texture colour diffusion just in case.
@Alanon  Hi! I noticed 3.04 is available for upgrade. Will this break my current 3.02 installation using Leia on RC 4? I had to roll back to RC 4 and 3.02 to regain functionality with last update.

I also have another issue. The current YouTube addon does not work using this skin on Leia. 
What happens - after starting a YT video (or live stream) the video leaves a "busy" square in the upper left corner and a spinner on the right side of the screen. I can hit escape or right click out of this and the screen clears up and I can watch the video, but at the end of the video (or if I click stop using the player) the screen will 'freeze' and Kodi itself freezes, prompting a "Kodi is not responding" and a shutdown from windows. I have noticed if I escape out to the home screen with the video still playing and THEN stop the stream, kodi will not crash and the stream shuts down. 

I have used the newest version of YouTube on 6 other Leia skins to test if this problems exists on those skins as well. This doesnt occur on other skins and YT has complete functionality. 
I have reproduced this issue on multiple computers in my household by upgrading to the current YouTube addon from Kodi repo and creating a shortcut on the home screen. 
Downgrading to YouTube addon 6.0.0 Alpha6 fixes the prerecorded streams (kodi wont crash when stopping videos using this version) but you cannot search the youtube site nor can you watch any live streams. 

Any idea what I can do to get full YT functionality back? Using another skin just isnt an option for me as I havent found anything like this skin (unless maybe you could point me to another skin that has rotating posters/fanart on my home screen and allows me to click on the posters and watch movies lol) .
@caseguy Yes, the menu should rebuild properly. Worst case, it might reset the menus to defaults (experiences vary). To make things a bit easier, you should be able to manually backup the data, update the skin, wait for it to reset the menu, and then paste back your original data. In either case, you should not receive any build errors.

The YouTube crash is a known problem. Some users have had issues with one of the skin's fanart search backends. It's an old way of searching and displaying fanart by looking for an extrafanart folder. it seems that YouTube can't handle it for some reason. Sadly, I haven't been able to think up a workaround, short of removing the code altogether. One user has had success doing just that. You should be able to go to MyVideoNav.xml and delete/comment out the entire control labelled 4440 (lines 196-219).

In its current state, the whole thing is only meant for users that have no artwork downloaders and like to configure things manually. Most skins have given up on this implementation, which is why it works just fine in them. I'm not sure if anyone makes use of it at this point, but I seem to remember putting it there for a reason... I'm still mulling over whether or not I should just remove it and be done with the problems it causes. In the meantime, you can try out the modification and see if it works for you. It'd be nice to have some more confirmation, as most people don't seem to encounter the issue at all, so it probably has something to do with specific configurations/components.
Thank you so much! This definitely pushes me in the right direction. 

I forgot something- the current "Global Search" addon for Kodi leia (I think it's 8.0.8) does not work with this skin. 

However, Global Search 6 versions, the old ones, DO work with this version of Eminence. 

I thought this may be of help to anyone who has this issue.