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Full Version: 4k over lan possible?
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I have my blu rays ripped as mkv etc. Sizes are around 10 to 60 gb.

It starts off well when playing over LAN but then the buffering and freezing begins.

Is it possible or has anyone got 4k over LAN working?

They work fine when transfered to a hdd and plugged into the tv directly and using the lg internal app to play them.

I tired advancedsettings but no joy. If i try the on-line streams they buffer a lot less and sometimes not at all.

Dont understand how strwaming the same file from the Internet works better than from my pc on the land without using the same lan and the Internet at 38mbs
Yes this can easily be done if your network is set up correctly.
I will have to assume your local network is a bit of a mess Smile If you are not familiar with networking maybe you know someone who is and can take a look at your latencies, throughput and how everything was interconnected.
The reason that streaming works is because you're looking at compressed files - they've been reduced in size, so there are fewer bits needed to produce any given image, which means any bottlenecks in your WAN connection are less important. And that's before you consider, as Kib suggests, that you have latency in your LAN, which is different again (i.e. any delays in serving from your server/NAS to your client versus serving straight down the wire).

If you compress a sample BR through e.g. Handbrake RF20, you'll get a much smaller file that, I'll guess, will play. After that, then, you're into why a high-bitrate file (the original) doesn't play across your network, as your client can clearly play it ("they work fine when transferred to a HDD").