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Full Version: Frame Rate Issue
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i am using Kodi both on a PC and on the HiMedia Q10 PRO 4K box. I enabled the option to change the frame rate of the screen to the rate of the movie (in my example a movie with 24p). I checked on the beamer and on my desktop monitor and in both cases i got 60 frames.

I enable passby for the HDMI port on my receiver and also vsync on my pc. Can someone help me where to verify the settings that enable the 24p output?
same problem here with the windows version.

I have downgraded to Jarvis 16.1 and it works perfect just with the "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" option enabled
how can i downgrade with the q10 pro box version?
uninstall the last version

then download and install the old version you want from this link:


remember to change settings in your device in order to allow installings apps from outside app-store

ok will do this. lets see how it will work out.