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Full Version: [Windows 10] Random screen black outs
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I'm not completely sure if this issue is a Kodi or an Emby issue, so if I am in the wrong subforum, please let me know..

I am using Kodi on a Windows 10 computer connected to my Okyo NR414 receiver, which is connected to my TV
My media is on a Windows 10 Server, which runs Emby Server.

Since the upgrade to Kodi 17 I have some issues while playing videos.
On random moments the video and audio will freeze for about half a second, than the screen will turn black and the audio will continue again. After this I can not control Kodi anymore (pause on the remote will not work). Only remedy so far is a reset of the PC. After that the video will run fine again for some time, and will not do the same on the same moment in the video. Yesterday I had three of these issues in one movie (of 1:50h)

Only add-on I run which is not pre-installed is Emby. I use the standard Kodi 17 skin.

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this?