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Full Version: Multi-episode file start point
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I have a multi-episode file, name file_s01e01e02e03e04e05.mkv

There is a chapter in the file for each episode starting point.

Kodi recognize the show, and list the 5 episodes.

However if I start episode 02, or any episode in fact, it will always play from the start of the files.

Is there a way using a nfo or any other way to tell kodi that Episode 2 start at chapter 2?

I would think bookmarks would be the solution here, short of cutting up the file into it's respective parts.
Bookmark, you mean while you play the main file?

Yep been doing that, but then it's useless to ask kodi to "scrape" multiple episode since they all point to the same place.

Would be nice if there was a way when you have a multi episode file to say where each sub episode point to the main one

There a specific Episode Bookmark feature for this, see http://kodi.wiki/view/Bookmarks_and_chap..._bookmarks