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Full Version: Sound drop, sound in and out on movies
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(2019-01-28, 20:04)Solcutter Wrote: [ -> ]The fix I found was really only from general knowledge of Android OS as I do lot of phone modding & rooting etc, all it was was the cache on the actual app in main Android OS needed clearing, NOT inside Kodi but in the apps menu of Android settings, since I cleared it, then force closed Kodi & rebooted it, it's been working prefect! I hope this helps someone else as I scoured the web looking for a solution for two days with no avail Smile

I realize your post is rather old now but I'm having exactly the same problem with Kodi Leia 18.7 on a Ugoos AM6 Plus box. I tried your Kodi cache clearing tip in the Apps section but after a reboot the audio still drops out for a few seconds approximately every 5 minutes.
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