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Full Version: Unable to connect from home Proxy
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I use a home squid server tunneled through ssh to surf while at work. Recently I started getting the following while trying to connect.
I'm sorry, but you are banned. You may not post, read threads, or access the forum. Please contact your forum administrator should you have any questions.
It may have started after I received a new IP address from Comcast but I can't confirm that. Can anyone help with this?
Are you able to identify the IP address in use? You may have been allocated one that has been issued before and used here for spam or other undesirable purposes. That can be checked if we know the address.
Ok, I have verified that I am unable to connect to the kodi site through my own proxy. I am currently connected directly to the site from home but if I turn on the proxy which is in the same network then it says that I am banned....not sure why it would be a problem since I have never had an issue connecting to any other site before now. Has something changed on how this site is served?
Your proxy IP address is probably banned. If you give us the address we can take a look.