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Full Version: loading of widgets
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So I have one widget that takes about 4 seconds to load ... its not that bad but it annoys me... I tried visible tag so it is only visible once it is filled but I am guessing that it is only looked at once because it will not load with just that and so I added Container($PARAM[list_id]).IsUpdating as a visible tag and now you see the extra part but before it is loaded as I was with out any visible tag... so how can I hid it but it still load once it is filled?

Not Sure if I am doing it 100% right but I can live with it now.
Yeah the container needs to be visible to load.

I think allowhiddenfocus usually works as a workaround --
<visible allowhiddenfocus="true">!Container($PARAM[list_id]).IsUpdating</visible>

Alternatively, you could use a conditional animation fade
<animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="200" condition="!Container($PARAM[list_id]).IsUpdating">Conditional</animation>