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Full Version: Library for TV-Shows corrupt with latest version of vdr-plugin-vnsi?
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Hi - i upgraded my vdr-Server to the latest version of vnsi.

When now accessing an episode from TV-Shows i get an "File no longer available - remove from Library?"

Accessing the File from Videos via the PVR-Protocol works fine. Rescraping works fine too - and replay after rescraping from TV-Shows also works fine.

For better analysis i exported the Library and there is a difference in the path's that are stored - why and how to migrate these pathes?

The first set of entries is from the working Entry - the second is the orphaned one...
[email protected]:/nas/exchange/tmp/xbmc_videodb_2017-02-22# grep "scheidende.*Schupo" videodb.xml
            <title>Lessing - 04 - Der scheidende Schupo</title>
            <filenameandpath>pvr://recordings/tv/active/Serien/Tatort/Staffel 2017/S2017E05%20-%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo%20(Krimi%2c%20D%202017), TV%20(Das%20Erste%20HD), 20170205_191500, 214856828.pvr</filenameandpath>
            <basepath>pvr://recordings/tv/active/Serien/Tatort/Staffel 2017/S2017E05%20-%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo%20(Krimi%2c%20D%202017), TV%20(Das%20Erste%20HD), 20170205_191500, 214856828.pvr</basepath>
            <title>Lessing - 04 - Der scheidende Schupo</title>
            <filenameandpath>pvr://recordings/tv/active/Serien/Tatort/Staffel 2017/S2017E05%20-%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo, TV%20(Das%20Erste%20HD), 20170205_191500, 214856828.pvr</filenameandpath>
            <basepath>pvr://recordings/tv/active/Serien/Tatort/Staffel 2017/S2017E05%20-%20Der%20scheidende%20Schupo, TV%20(Das%20Erste%20HD), 20170205_191500, 214856828.pvr</basepath>
This most likely broke with a fix/feature for grouping of series recordings:

Next version of vnsiserver will have this configurable, being able to not group recordings like this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hmm - ok -just to be sure that we talk about exactly the same...

I have rescanned the whole library - my Media-Folders on the vdr-server are like this:


I have Configured Media-Sources
- "VDR - Filme" as "Movies" and pointing to "pvr:/recordings/tv/active"
- "VDR - Konzerte" as "Movies" and pointing to "pvr://recordings/tv/active/Konzerte"
- "VDR - Serien" as "TV- Shows" and pointing to "pvr://recordings/tv/active/Serien"

Playing stuff from the Video-Menu (not Movies or TV-Shows) directly accessing the Media-Sources works fine and as expected for all the Content

Playing stuff from the Library only works for Movies and "Konzerte" - it does not work for TV-Shows

EDIT: and adding Episodes to existing shows results in "TV-Show not existig" - removing the whole show and rescanning it works fine - but ends in unplayable Library :-(

When will that fix be available?

And second question:
with breaking my library and the rescan i lost my "dateadded" - information and my "seen" status.
I have Backups from my previous (Jarvis) install - both xml exports and mysql - dumps
Can you tell me how to update these Fields in the Database (which/where are they)

An last one:

When importing form xml i get "Unsupported Protocol pvr...." with CreateLoader - and the Library is basically fully useless - not working at all...so only Backup right now is mysqldump
Meanwhile i downgraded to Tag v1.5.1 v1.5.0 and v1.3.1 - same result - i don't think it has sth to do with the server anymore - the clients are LE 7.93.5 - i am going to check native Krypton latest version.
I will look into it now. What are the steps to reproduce? Scan some tv shows to the library and start playback from there?
(2017-02-26, 10:38)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]I will look into it now. What are the steps to reproduce? Scan some tv shows to the library and start playback from there?

yes - plus remove one episode from the Show and try to add into the Library again - that fails - and in the Log you will see sth like "TV-Show not present

EDIT: VDR-Server Version is 2.2.0, vnsi-server is 1.3.1 and LE is 7.95.3
Please never throw LE versions at me, I have absolutely no clue what those are about.
Ok -It's Krypton 17.0 basically - i am currently trying to set up "Native" Krypton 17.1 with backends untouched...
There seems to be more things broken with this feature. I was not even able to add a recording to the library. first fix: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/11761
Thx for investigating - i couldn't reproduce that one - but it is more the client or Kodi than the backend i'd say
The tv shows scraper does not find anything for my recordings. As a result library stays empty. Scanning to Movies did work
It gets weirder - yes i just wanted to add a Show - and failed - the Show does not show up in "Serien"
Ok - i verified again - the show didn't show up because of only having 1 Episode in it - and in the settings it was supressed - so adding a show works "fine" - adding episodes does not work and replaying Episodes from the Library does not work - as stated above
could you give step by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. ideally with ui language set to english
sure - will do later today - both issues
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