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Full Version: My linux scripts for my Kodi lyrics
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This message is intended for linux users ... EDIT see my next post.

Before using Kodi, I used my own lyrics text files.
With kodi, I did not want to loose all my previous work.
So, I wrote 3 scripts to automate the job. EDIT - no more available, see below

In the zip file (see above link), you'll find 3 scripts - simply move them to your media folder.
Running them is easy : open a terminal, browse to the media folder used by Kodi, and type ./ the choosen script.
You have to press a key to start - or CtrlC to cancel.
Comments are in french, but you will understand them.

- AllInOne : this script scans all your folders, and generates only one text file with ALL your texts inside. You need a text editor able to edit big files such as glogg
my script removes lrc codes : you get a plain text file with all your lyrics.

- IsoToUtf8 : converts any txt file that was not encoded with Utf8.
it only converts iso-8859-1 files, but you can change the first variable...
I wrote this script because Kodi uses utf8 encoding, and I had too many iso files.

RemoveBlankLines : removes blank lines of all your lrc and txt files.
I wrote this one because some of my files had MANY blank lines, some no blank lines -> my lyrics are uniform now.

Those scripts are recursive. If you have a large library, be patient, as time is needed to check all subfolders.

I'm not a developer, so, for sure, you could write a faster code.
I did use all of them with success on a large music library.
Those scripts helped me so much that I wanted to share them. We never know ...
I did some modifications : only one script here
I now use a simple loop menu.

Why this script ?
With encoding problems, you cannot get a single file that will display all your lyrics correctly !

With Kodi, you will get text or lrc files that use following encodings
utf-8 -> Ok for Kodi
us-ascii -> Ok for Kodi as us-ascii is part of utf-8
unknown-8bits -> Kodi might display some strange letters
iso-8859-1 -> Kodi will display some strange letters in place of accents (é - è - à, etc...)

My script generates logs, and uses colors to show you what is Ok or not, and what has been "utf8" recoded (if any).

Step 1 converts only iso txt/lrc files to utf8
Step 2 removes all blank lines from txt/lrc files
Step 3 generates 2 txt files : one with all your lyrics - the other with the errors (neither utf8 nor iso-8859 files)


No need to use all of them ; you can just use option 3.

I can add a "french to english" option if someone is interested

Note : I really hope my english is good enough, I try to check what I write in your language. I'm not familiar with your expressions.
the links don't work.