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Full Version: Horizontal center for list?
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Sorry if I read right passed it, but I couldn't find it.
If I define a horizontal list with an unknown number of entries, how can I horizontally align it so that if my number of items take up less room than the width of the list control?
Going on your the name of thead but I don't understand the actual question....If you have a horizontal list and you want it to have a center item focus then you should use itemlayout and focused layout to to set up a three or five item layout ... Then use focusposition to set the center position.
I need to center the items in the list, not the item itself.
For example :
Total width of the list: 1000
Item width: 200
Number of items: 3
Needed result : blank 200, item, item, item, blank 200.

The group list can do it, but i need it for a list control.
Use a Fixedlist or conditional slide animations based on Container(id).NumItems