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Full Version: [WIP] script.squeezeinfo - shows what's playing on your Logitech Media Server
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(2017-02-24, 06:48)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Comments:

1. Cannot put server in by name, only IP address.

2. Would be great be able to choose tracks, control synch, all the usual control stuff. Maybe this is my chance to improve my programming skill Smile

Nothing else Smile

EDIT: when I say "nothing else" I forgot to say thanks and great work!!


The first point is fixed in this version.

On your second point, you can choose tracks, do basic control (play, pause, skip tracks, volume) but I haven't done the sync bit yet.

Hope you like it.

And in case anyone jumped to the last post and missed the one on the previous page, here's a video showing the updates: https://youtu.be/Eo_NGbQqu4w

Apologies for the YouTube user name - it was a long time ago...
Thanks I'll look again.
(2017-02-24, 00:46)el_Paraguayo Wrote: [ -> ]I suspect the number of people who will be interested in this will be very few but I thought I'd share anyway...

Possibly few, but a grateful few Smile

Thank you!
You are very welcome.

Have a good weekend.
great work, it looks very nice!

if feature request is allowed,
would it be possible to create an adjustment for the action states:
(2017-02-24, 00:46)el_Paraguayo Wrote: [ -> ]Pressing 0 displays the playlist.
Pressing 9 displays player menu (access to apps, library search etc.)
Pressing 8 displays player controls
Left and Right to select a squeezeplayer.
in the settings, so we can personal the buttons?
Feature requests are permitted!

I'll have a think about the best way to do that.
thanks Smile

An great alternative/addition would be, if inside the addon the input of the hardware action-buttons (play, pause, volume, mute) from a remotecontrol/keyboard are passed to the squeezplayer instead of kodi.
But I think that will probably not be trivial.
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