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Full Version: Midi Support (Estouchy is great)
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Using Krypton version of Kodi, I started using the Confluence skin.

But after reading posts on this forum, I understood I had to switch to the new official templates :
Estouchy / Estuary.
As Estouchy uses mouse, and mouse is a must at home, I've learned how to use and configure this skin.
This was not difficult at all.

Thank you to all Kodi developers for this great job.

There's only one missing function with Kodi 17 : midi support. I cannot compile the existing add-on because headers are no more available for archlinux.
Why don't you officially support midi ? I can only find this thread.
a skin support thread is not the best place to ask questions about midi :-)

If you can't install binary add-ons on Archlinux then go ask the distro maintainers why, we only maintain the linux tools and have nothing to do with creating the binaries for the different linux distro's, with the exception of Ubuntu.