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Full Version: Sound breaks every 15 sec on Minix Neo U1
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I have bought a Minix Neo U1 Android box installed with Kodi
All movies are places on a Synology NAs (with gigabit connection to the minix box)
Minix is connected to the TV by HDMI and to my reciever with spdif connection.

the problem is that with movies larger than 6 GB DTS sound or 5.1 sound then the sound makes a tiny break every 15 sec. this is very anoying.
I know for sure the connection to the NAS is fine, cox it was testd with a windows PC, and had no problems here whatsoever...

When I search on google I read reviews saying there can be problems i android with large movie files, but how do I fix this on android? is there a setting controlling the buffer or something like that ?
When I search your post for a Debug Log - it returned empty :-(