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Full Version: Edit kodi apk
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Hi Guys

First things first i'd like to say thank you for this brill software and for all the hard work you guys put in to making kodi so dam good .

Second i'd like to ask you a question i'm sure you have had many times before. I'm looking to make my own kodi APK for my own use not and not to resell. I have put Kodi on to my familys firestick and android box but everyweek you can be sure my mum or dad will delete something on there system and then i have to go back and install it all over again. and i was wondering am i able to edit kodi and then re pack it and put back on to a apk? I thought id ask you guys if it was ok for me to do this before i try it as this software belongs to kodi not me. If i am able to do this what would i need to do it and if you can tell me how its done then id be for ever in your det. I love working with computers and learning new things so anything you can help me with will be brill. You can reach me at [email protected] or just post your reply back on here and ill keep checking. No worries if i am not able to do this. Just thought i'd ask just incase there was a way i could do this.

Thanks again guys for the service you provide and for making my familys life a lot better in doing so. Keep up the good work guys

Read this to get you started - Official:Trademark Policy (wiki)
thanks for the fast response. I don't intend to sell or pass on to anybody other than my mam and dad, and we all live in the same household but i'm away a lot and the last thing i want to do when i get home is to uninstall then reinstall the software as there system is a bit slow so takes ages.

All i wanted to know is. am i not able to edit anything to do with kodi or xbmc?
If i am able to edit the software. what is the best software to use? Thanks
edit what exactly? You'll have to provide more details on what you want to achieve
Sorry fella what i want to do is make a apk with all my add ons and things installed so i can put on a usb and when something goes wrong with my parents android box and firestick i can just get them to re install from the usb. So really i'm after making a kodi apk with all the kodi settings and add ons installed saving me having to add them every time something goes wrong! Can this be done and if so what software would i need to do this and how can i go about doing it. i thought i'd ask you guys at kodi if i was able to do this before i tried anything. thanks for fast reply
It would be easier just to use the backup add-on, or back up your .Kodi folder (a level up from your userdata (wiki) folder) manually and if things screw up reinstall and restore that
Ok thanks for all your help today.