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Full Version: kodi wont start after first run screen
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i have loaded kodi 10 times now, even tried a different version, I install kodi, first run screen pops up then just goes back to the previous screen, I have did a clear cache, force stop all with no luck, please help
How about some useful information? Like what you installed it on, what version of Kodi, what version of android?
firestick, tried several versions of krypton, using es explorer to load fire os
I'd suggest you actually read the forum rules (wiki) on piracy and banned addons (wiki) before you go any further and get yourself into a deeper mess.
(2017-02-24, 20:58)RIC6312 Wrote: [ -> ]firestick, tried several versions of krypton, using es explorer to load fire os

Can you gather a debug log (wiki) off the stick, upload it to PasteBin.com or somewhere similar and supply their link here.

Also es explorer isn't recommended these days as it's become bloatware that some even consider as almost malware.