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Full Version: Estuary Changes
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I am currently modding the estuary skin - and i cant figure out why the skin is limiting the number of widgets for a given menu item. I have tried testing how many widgets i could add in a given menu item(Movies or TV Shows), and when scrolling through the ninth widget, it scrolls back to the top(if that makes sense). Have any of you solved getting around this cap, or could point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Do not take this offensively it is not intended that way...

If your modding estuary and trying to add widgets using notepad plus or w.e. u prefer start on the home.xml and trace back how everything works... The number of widget u add is totally up to you there is no limit but there also is no easy way of telling you how to add them ... You will have to read and study the code and break estuary a couple time to figure it out... Once you read through the and understand how the widgets that are available work you will find it is easy to add more ... But time consuming.
Hey man,

Thanks! Im pretty new to this, but i have figured out how to change and add new widgets in the home.xml file, and this works fine. Now i wanted to try to add a total of 11 widgets in the Movies tab, i could do this, but when scrolling down through the widgets, when reaching the 10th widget, it scrolls back to the first one. I really cant figure out which part of the code controls this kind of behaviour. Sorry if this seems vague, but i really appreciate any help Smile

If you have figure that out... Then when you look at the params you should have one that has param list Id
Each widget has a unique I'd... You need to give you new widget a different I'd then the rest of the widgets in the list... Also be sure that your widget is part of the group list.
Damn. By mistake i had given the first and tenth widget the same list_id - wow that was annoying : Its works now, thanks for your help man!
No problem