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Full Version: locking down kodi
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Hi guys, hoping someone can help by offering some suggestions.

I've set up Kodi with an addon for the old folks so they can watch (stream) Greek stations here in Australia.

This has been working great for them, however they are in there 70's and often inadvertently press a button on the remote that changes something which prevents then from returning a screen they are familiar with. From that point it only gets worse as they will attempt to rectify the problem but only dig themselves into a even deeper hole. This cause me great pain as not only do I have to visit them more often than scheduled but it causes them pain as it's their primary form of entertainment and I often can't get out there for a couple of days.

So my question is how can I either prevent this from occurring or significantly limit the change of it occurring.

Some ideas that have crossed my mind are:
- Locking down disabling features: not sure if this is possible
- Diabling shortcut keys
- Enable Kiosk mode
- Making the config file read only?
- Creating a script to replace the config file with a default file (this could be done remotely or via a shortcut they could execute)
- Install a remote desktop tool like Teamviewer, although I believe someone need to accept the the connection from the remote computer, which is not ideal.

I suspect it will require a combination of actions to solve this problem. If anyone can offer some suggestions as a start that would be fantastic.

create a custom profile for them and lock this profile down to whatever function is needed by them. You can hide all settings from them that way etc. To disable certain shortcut keys, you have to alter the keymaps to your liking.

Things like TeamViewer are not at all related to Kodi, just check out google play store and install it.

edit: you can't entirely trap your (grand) parents inside Kodi, as the "home" button on any Android remote can't be trapped and thus will always bring them back to Androids home screen. If you're looking for a pure Kodi solution and don't need any other Android app, I'd go for something like a PI3.
Thanks for the information, a custom profile that I can lock down does sounds like a good solution to this problem.
I'll looking into that as a solution and return if I have any further questions.