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Full Version: VDR with XMLTV support
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Hi, the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on has XMLTV support. Is there something similar available for VDR?

Or is there a way to integrate VDR into the IPTV add-on?

Thanks a lot!
Not worth an answer @FernetMenta?
No no no. That's NOT integrated into the VDR addon.

I know of that page and the plugin. The documentation is extremely confusing. Last update from 2012. It doesn't help at all.

I even have that exact plugin installed on my linux system. But still I get nothing.

I am talking about XMLTV on the VDR addon. So I can simply put the path of the xmltv file in its configuration and bam, I would finally have an EPG. For years I don't and it sucks big time.
finally EPG needs to land in the backend's epg store. loading xml by the addon is feasible but not on my list of todos.
fair enough, one person can't do it all.

Still, this whole EPG thing is a huge mess and needs to be dealt with. I just don't have the expertise. I couldn't even replicate the how-to.
I'm using the linked xmltv2vdr plugin for iptv channels. Works as advertised.

My cmd and explanation of the options used: -x set path to your xmltvguide, -c path to copied vdr channels.conf with added xmltv channel id, -d ip of your vdr server, -t timeout in seconds, I'm just using some random high number in case it takes longer than usual.

Example from my copied and prepared channels.conf, as you can see, you just simply append the id at the end.:
Channelname;IPTV:10:S=1|P=1|F=EXT|U=vlcstream.sh|A=0:I:0:101=2:[email protected]:0:0:1:0:0:0:xmltvid

./xmltv2vdr.pl -x xmltvguide.xml -c channels.conf -d ip.adress -t 3464634

And xmltv2vdr.pl, can't remember if I changed anything there.