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Full Version: Hub Background(s)
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So I've been having a play around with customising eminence 2.0 and I'm trying to create a catch-up TV hub from where I can launch several different catchup tv addons (bbc iplayer, ITV player, All 4, My5, UKTV Play)

I'm running Kodi on an Amazon Fire 4k box and I've got all the aforementioned apps downloaded through the amazon store, favourited each one from the android apps part of Kodi and listed them all as Items in the right hand list of a hub and set the action to launch the corresponding app. All good so far!

Now because they aren't Kodi apps I cant exactly use relevant widgets for the left hand box of the hub and as such I'm stuck with the default (fallback?) background image in the large window.

Is there any way to set the hub up so that instead of a widget I have an image that corresponds to whatever item I've selected on the right hand side? Iplayer logo when highlighting Iplayer... ITV logo when I move down to the next one, and so on.

Included below is an example image from a previous thread with a similar issue from an older version of eminence where you couldnt edit hubs through the skin settings (and despite me trying to follow whats going on in that thread - i think some of the file names/locations have changed since then)


that image at least shows what I mean by right hand list of items and left hand box for an image.