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Full Version: CS918 no sound in the beginning of movie
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Hi, i purchased cs918 c.ab. 1 year ago.
I've struggled with a problem with every movie from NAS, youtube plugin or comes from any other source connected with Kodi.

When I open up the movie there is no sound. It will appear after 5sec, sometimes after 30 secs. To speed up it, I have to pause and play the movie. Sometimes it requires to sweep movie to beginning for sound to be started...

I had this with previous ver. of Kodi. The same with the current one.

Do you have any idea what could be a reason of such behaviour?
I was trying with some kind of hardware accelleration of sth like this within the setts followeg by some tips found on the net but it didn't help.

I'll be really appreciate for any hints.

Posting a Log_file (wiki) will help, there's not much to go on there.